Studio Design & Consulting

What starts right, sounds right.

The perfect studio designed specifically for your space from anywhere in the world.

Don’t know where to start? Right here.

When it comes to building a studio, acoustics is the highest priority. And take it from us, there are plenty of “gotchas” that can pop up and completely derail a studio build.

We’ve perfected the process of crafting spaces for peak performance. And we can do it from anywhere. We’ll work alongside you through the entire process, from initial evaluation and concepts all the way through construction.

Why have Better Sound Acoustics design your studio?

  • Designed specifically to fit your space and needs
  • 3D renders and mockups
  • Full construction-ready blueprints
  • Live support during construction

Available Locations

  • Everywhere

Here's how it works...

We get it. Design a studio from anywhere? Yep, sounds strange. Trust us. The biggest names in the business do.

Get A Quote
  • Get a quote

    It all starts here. We'll do a live video call over FaceTime or Zoom to get the details on exactly what you're looking for and to see the space.

  • Quote & payment

    We'll send you a custom quote to design your studio from start to finish.

  • Design & approval

    We get to work designing the studio based on all the criteria, limitations, and requirements. We'll provide 3D renders and mockups so you know exactly what you're signing off on.

  • Construction deliverables

    We'll finalize the building plans and details and send them over for you (or your favorite contractor) to start building.

  • Support

    We're here for you through the whole process. Something come up during construction? Not 100% certain how part of the studio comes together? We've got you covered.

Let's get you into the space you deserve.