Studio Construction

You've got the space. We've got the studio.

Floor-to-ceiling construction and installation of acoustic treatments for the studio space you never knew was possible.

There’s no place like… well, wherever you are.

We’ve built studios in some of the craziest spaces. Garages… High-rises… Box trailers… Even warehouses next to airports (we don’t recommend this, btw).

So whether you need a studio built someplace normal or someplace a bit crazy, one thing is for certain. You need it built RIGHT. We account for all the variables and set clear expectations on what kind of magic is (and isn’t) possible.

The end result? The best possible space.

Why Better Sound Acoustics?

  • Top-quality materials for maximum sound control
  • Professional installers with extensive acoustic experience
  • Take all the guesswork out of your studio space
  • Trusted by (literally) the biggest companies and professionals in the world

Available Locations

  • Austin, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA

Let's get you into the space you deserve.