Media & Production Real Estate

Find the right space. First.

Find the perfect property with complete peace of mind knowing it will support your studio space.

Don’t get stuck.

Real estate agents are everywhere. Real estate agents with deep knowledge of acoustic needs…? Not so much.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been called out to quote building a studio. Only to deliver bad news. This space won’t work. Your lease doesn’t allow it. Your neighbors are too loud.

So we’re here to prevent all that. We’ll help you find a space that will work for your needs on all fronts. Acoustically. Logistically. Contractually.

Why specialized real estate location services?

  • Know the space will work for you before you sign
  • Avoid problematic leases and tenants
  • Scout with your acoustic spaces as a priority

Available Locations

  • Los Angeles, CA

Let's get you into the space you deserve.