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Frequently Asked Questions!

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do sound panels stop sound from traveling through walls and ceilings?
    • No, sound panels do not stop sound going through walls. Soundproofing/isolation is a construction issue that can’t be solved by putting sound panels on the walls.
  • Do I need to cover 100% of my walls and ceiling to get rid of echo?
    • Some projects require 100% coverage due to acoustic or aesthetic requirements. Through our years of experience, we have developed formulas for panel coverage that is well below 100% coverage with great, audible results.
  • Why are acoustic fabrics so expensive?
    • Acoustic fabrics are typically class A fire rated and lab tested to ensure they work well for acoustic panels. Because of this reason, they tend to be more expensive than standard fabrics found at fabric stores. We have access to heavily discounted fabrics from companies like Knoll, Maharam, Guilford of Maine, and other acoustic fabric companies. Contact us today about which fabrics we have available. Sometimes we get fabrics that are more than 50% off retail price!
  • Can I create a good mixing environment in a bedroom?
    • Throughout the years, we have treated bedrooms for many mix engineers, many with major label credits. While a bedroom studio is never going to be the same as a dedicated commercial mix room, we can help you treat a bedroom to get professional level mixes. Please note, your level of mixing experience is just as big a factor as a great sounding room.

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